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Last week was nice and busy delivering plants ordered through R&G’s online garden shop. Included in the deliveries were:

  •  Simpson’s Stopper:   This is one of my favorite native shrubs. It gets pretty white flowers that are a favorite of the butterflies and other critters looking for nectar. Look at the size of those 3-gallon plants! They’re usually not quite that big in 3-gallon size, but sometimes I get lucky and find really big ones for my clients.


  •  Chaste Tree:  Look at the size of that tree!! It’s in a 30-gallon container, which means the tree is usually pretty large, but this one is a huge 6-7′ tall and wide. And it has lots of new buds that should open up to the beautiful lilac-colored flowers.
  •  Sweet Almond Bush:  Love love love love this shrub. The beautiful white flowers repeat bloom throughout the year spreading their almond fragrance all around. It’s one of the best nectar plants for hummers, butterflies, bees, and all other nectar loving critters.


  •  Flame Thrower Palm:  This is one of my best selling palms. And it’s very easy to see why when that red frond opens up. Very beautiful, unique palm for your garden. This was a 15-gallon size that was between 5-6′ in the ground. Just gorgeous.


  •  ‘August Beauty’ Gardenia:  Who doesn’t love those gorgeous, very fragrant white flowers of the gardenia?? This is 7-gallon size is very full, with the shrub about 3′ tall in the ground. Ahhhhh, I can smell the fragrance already.

7g Gardenia August Beauty

So which of these do you need in your garden?? Click on the plant name and you’ll be taken to the info page for that plant. The gardenia is the only one not listed in the shop yet. I’ll get that added soon, but in the meantime you can always email,, or call/text, 386-310-9969, to order what you need even if it’s not listed.

Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni, Gibbs, and Ziva







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Small Business Saturday!

It’s #SmallBizSaturday! Time to show your love to all the small businesses.

Today’s featured plant is Simpson’s Stopper. It’s a beautiful native shrub that should be growing in many, many more gardens.

Another awesome native evergreen shrub for your sun to part shade garden. White fragrant nectar-filled flowers start blooming in late Spring then off and on after that, with orange/red berries showing up late summer to early fall. Slow grower to 20′ tall x 12′ wide. Very low maintenance once established. Can be left to grow as a shrub or limbed up as a small tree. This isn’t grown nearly as much as it should be. Click here to go to the Neighborhood Garden Boutique page for Simpson’s Stopper to order yours!

Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni, Gibbs, and Ziva

R&G … Your Online Neighborhood Garden Boutique



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Coming Attractions…

Got some really cool plants coming in this week.  Some are the usual suspects, but some are ones that either have never been in stock or haven’t been available lately.  They are:  Lespedeza “Little Volcano,” Muhly grass, Mexican Bush Sage, Simpson’s Stopper, and Moujean Tea.

Muhly grass and Simpson’s Stopper are both native plants.

Muhly grass is a host plant for butterflies.  Mexican Bush Sage, Moujean Tea, and Simpson’s Stopper are nectar plants for butterflies.  And…the leaves of Moujean Tea are edible and used to make tea.

“Little Volcano” is the plant in the header pic.  I’ll post more pics and info on each plant when I get them.

Happy digging in the dirt…

Jeanni and Gibbs