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Gardens Alive!

This is so true! We should have a mix of nectar plants and host plants for the butterflies and caterpillars, and plants that grow berries for the birds, and plants that bloom at night for the moths, and plants with tubular shaped flowers for the hummingbirds, and water for all critters to drink, and nectar plants for the bees and wasps and all the other lovely pollinator bugs. Our gardens should be alive with things moving and growing and living.

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Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni, Gibbs, and Ziva


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Bee Hotel!

Look at how cute these ideas are for building bee hotels to keep the beneficial bugs in your garden! Between a bee hotel, plants for nectar and pollen, and a bee water feature, the beneficial pollinators will never want to leave your garden!

“How to Build a Hotel for Wild Bees” 

Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni and Gibbs and Ziva