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Coming Attractions…

Got some really cool plants coming in this week.  Some are the usual suspects, but some are ones that either have never been in stock or haven’t been available lately.  They are:  Lespedeza “Little Volcano,” Muhly grass, Mexican Bush Sage, Simpson’s Stopper, and Moujean Tea.

Muhly grass and Simpson’s Stopper are both native plants.

Muhly grass is a host plant for butterflies.  Mexican Bush Sage, Moujean Tea, and Simpson’s Stopper are nectar plants for butterflies.  And…the leaves of Moujean Tea are edible and used to make tea.

“Little Volcano” is the plant in the header pic.  I’ll post more pics and info on each plant when I get them.

Happy digging in the dirt…

Jeanni and Gibbs