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Raindrops keep falling on my head

Good day, my friends! How very lovely was that rain we got last night. Everything in my garden is looking nice and lush. Let’s hope the wet stuff continues to fall through the summer cause I think it’s gonna be a very hot one.

Today is a work-from-home day finalizing a client’s garden design and researching plant info for future FB and website posts. As I do that, I’m also watching the clouds roll in and am hoping for more rain. A good rainy day would be a perfect backdrop for my at-home workday.

However, Gibbs and Ziva weren’t too happy with their backyard being wet this morning. We usually sit outside as I drink coffee and plan my day while they eat their breakfast and play. They were having none of that this morning. lol. This is their way of telling me they wanted to go inside where their little paws stay dry.

G&Z 2

How’s your garden looking? Does it need tidying up or new plants put in? Or do you want whole new beds added? Keep in mind that I do garden design / install and garden maintenance. The design / install can be as simple as creating custom containers or hanging baskets for your patio or as large as taking out all the grass and turning it into a garden wonderland. The garden maintenance can be as simple as adding mulch to your flowerbeds or as large as doing once-a-week maintenance on your garden. I’m very flexible on the maintenance because I know one size does not fit all and will create a schedule and budget that fits your needs. Call or text, 386-310-9969, or email,, to schedule your free consultation.

Gibbs and Ziva say stay dry and have a fabulous day!



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Kate’s New Garden

Here’s a sneak peek at before and after pics of the garden design and install I completed yesterday for my client Kate. This is just one of the beds. I’ll post the rest of the pics soon.

Here’s the before pic …

Before pic of garden design install

And here’s the after pic. The juniper and small cube shaped shrub were removed. Then African iris, pink caladiums, and sunhosta were added. Pinestraw was used as mulch.

After pic of garden design install

The existing pygmy date palm stands out more now and the bed has much needed color and movement.

More pics to come soon.

Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni and Gibbs