The Garden

Blooms, butterflies, and breezes are just some of the reasons why we love to garden. Here are pics of plants that would do great in our central Florida gardens.

4 thoughts on “The Garden”

  1. David Chiappini said:

    so glad you are adding more native plants.

  2. kathi corbett said:

    I can not wAIT TO VISIT Im coming from Edgewater fl so is that the name of your place gardens and gargoyles? any advice on the best way to get there?Thank you

    • Good morning, Kathi. Roses and Gargoyles is the name of my garden center. Your easiest way to get here from Edgewater is to take 44 West to Prevatt. Prevatt is just before you get to I-4. Turn left on Prevatt and go to Ohio, which is in Lake Helen. Right on Ohio, go to Euclid (one street past the 4-way stop), right on Euclid, then take the next left on Cassadaga Road. R&G is on the right (yellow building with metal roof).

      Looking forward to meeting you!

  3. kathi corbett said:

    Thank you for the directions

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