Teddy Bear Palm


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Botanical Name:  Dypsis leptocheilos

Common Name:  Teddy Bear Palm

Well, the common name of ‘Teddy Bear Palm’ is pretty cool all in itself, so the palm has to be pretty cool to earn that name … and it does! The name comes from the crownshaft being a reddish/brown color and kinda fuzzy, just like a teddy bear’s fur.  And, as it grows, the newer parts of the trunk have a whitish powder on them. Pretty darn neat.

Teddy Bear grows 20-30′ tall. It’s a solitary palm with all of its fronds growing at the top of the crownshaft, meaning it’s tall and skinny. It likes sun to part shade, but not deep shade, and regular watering during periods of drought. Cold tolerant to about 25 degrees. Might get freeze damage below that but usually survives.

Leu Gardens has had a few of these growing there since 1994.

Zones 9 – 11.

(Palm pics courtesy of Palmpedia.)

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