Spindle Palm




Botanical Name:  Hyophorbe verschaffeltii

Common Name:  Spindle Palm

Do you live in zone 9 and like the Bottle Palm but don’t want to deal with winter protection when temps drop below 30 degrees? Well, then the Spindle Palm will work for you. It has a lot in common with the Bottle Palm: slow growing, has a really cool grayish/white truck with a waxy greenish/blue crownshaft, and long arching leaves that grow from the top. The trunk doesn’t bulge quite as theatrically as the Bottle Palm, but it’s still cool in its own right. It tops out at about 20′ tall with the leaves 7-10′ long. It likes a nice sunny to part sunny spot in your garden. And for those on the coast, it is also salt tolerant.

Winter protection: This can tolerate light frosts for short periods of time. For those rare times hard freezes happen in zone 9 and warmer parts of 8, it will need to be protected.

This can also be container grown outside or inside.

Specs:  3-gallon size:  2-4′ tall; 5-7 gallon size: 5-6′ tall; 15-gallon size: 6-8′ tall; 25-gallon size: 7-10′ tall. Please be aware these specs are average sizes. Sometimes the plant may be smaller or larger than indicated. I’ll let you know if the plant is exceptionally smaller than what is noted here.

(Unless noted otherwise, all pics are courtesy of Palmpedia.)

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