Seashore Palm




Botanical Name:  Allagoptera arenaria

Common Name:  Seashore Palm

Look at how cool the curly fronds are on this palm! Not all of them curl, and not all curl the same direction, so this palm has a somewhat unkempt appearance. But it will definitely be an eye-catcher in your garden.

Seashore Palm gets its name cause it can handle salt air and salt spray of a coastal environment, which isn’t surprising since its native habitat is the coastal area of Brazil. This is a solitary trunk palm, but most of the trunk grows underground, so it has the look of a clustering palm. These are very, very slow growing when young, but once they reach the size of a 15-gallon container their growth speeds up to moderate growing, and they’ll eventually reach 9-15′ tall. Their flowers are pretty cool looking too: long and skinny, sorta like a combination of a cattail and a pineapple flower, and they have nectar so they attract bees and hummers. Cold hardy down to 20 degrees, which means central Florida peeps can grow it! It grows just fine in a variety of situations: sun to part shade. And one more thing: this is a tillering palm, meaning that it has a heel in the root area (there’s a pic of this in the pic area). Be sure to plant the top 1/3 of the heel above the soil line.

Overall, this is an easy palm to grow anywhere in zone 9-11. But it’s not one you’ll see in every garden. You need this one!

(Pics courtesy of Palmpedia.)

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