Ruffled Fan Palm


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Botanical Name:  Licuala grandis

Common Name:  Ruffled Fan Palm

What a gorgeous solitary trunk palm this is! It’s a slow grower to 8-10′ tall, with the leaves growing about 2′ wide. wow! The palm gets its common name because the leaves are undivided and pleated with the edges notched, which makes them look all pretty and ruffled.

Ruffled Fan Palm is slow growing, evergreen, can tolerate temps to about 30 degrees, and likes a part sun/part shade situation when it’s young. As it matures, it adapts to being able to take full sun. I wouldn’t consider this drought tolerant in an extended drought period cause it likes being watered on a regular basis. Give it plenty of compost if planted in sandy soil.

This beauty is native to wet, humid rainforests of the Republic of Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands east of Australia.

Now don’t despair if you live north of zone 10, cause this can also be grown as an indoor plant! Or if you have a warm microclimate in your garden and don’t mind protecting it during cold snaps, it can be grown in zone 9.

This is the perfect addition to your garden or home for those looking for a palm that won’t be found in all of your neighbors’ yards.

Zones 9 (with protection) – 11

(Palm photos courtesy of Palmpedia.)


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