Porterweed Native




Botanical Name:  Stachytarpheta jamaicensis

Common Name:  Native Porterweed, Blue Porterweed, Blue Snakeweed,  Brazilian Tea, Jamaican Porterweed, Jamaica Vervain

Beautiful, native, fast growing, short-lived perennial for your sun to part sun garden.  Native porterweed grows shorter, 1-3′ tall x 3-6′ wide, than Stachytarpheta urticifolia,, the non-native porterweed.  Please see “Porterweed Non-Native” for more information on that one.  Native Porterwed blooms blue-violet to magenta flowers on upright stalks almost all year round. The flowers are superb butterfly, bee, and moth attractors, and the plant is the host plant of the tropical buckeye caterpillar. Its foliage is semi-evergreen. Native Porterweed is salt tolerant for those who live near the beaches. Give it well drained soil and regular watering. Use it in your informal garden as front of the border plants, in containers, or in mass plantings. It’s an easy to grow, reseeding plant that the butterflies and bees will thank you for growing!

Native plant

Zones 9b – 11



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