Pine Straw Bales


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Pine straw is an excellent mulch that is a renewable resource. No trees have to be cut down to harvest this: what has fallen to the ground is what is raked and baled. I use this in all of my personal garden beds. It looks nice, doesn’t float away in heavy rains, and it actually knits together to form a mat which means it works well on slopes too. As with all natural mulches, as it decomposes it enriches the soil.

Bales measure 27″ long by 13″ by 14″, weigh about 20 pounds each, and cover approximately 40 square feet (depending on how thick it is spread). I suggest keeping the pine straw layer about 3″ thick to help keep the soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, to retain soil moisture, and to help with weed control. I top off my garden beds with a new light layer of pine straw every Spring. No need to rake away the old mulch, just add the new on top. Easy peazy!



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