Pentas ‘Ruby Red’




Botanical Name:  Pentas lanceolata

Common Name: Tall Pentas, Old Fashioned Pentas

Pentas ‘Ruby Red’ is the old fashioned, tall Pentas that is hardier, taller, and has more nectar than the newer dwarf varieties. Want to bring in the butterflies, hummers, and other pollinators? Well, then you need to have this beauty planted in your garden.

They like sun to part shade. I grew some under oaks where they got filtered sun all day, and they did wonderful. The more sun they’re in, the more water they appreciate to keep looking their best. Deadhead to encourage new blooms. They grow 3-4′ tall and wide and bloom repeatedly all during the warm season. Technically they’re a perennial, but during normal winters in zones 9-11 they’re semi-evergreen, in zone 8 they’ll act more as a true perennial.

Plant this … you’ll be happy you did!

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