Native Allamanda




Botanical Name:  Pentalinon luteum

Common Name:  Native Allamanda, Wild Allamanda, Hammock Viper’s-Tail

This is the beautiful yellow-flowering Allamanda vine that’s native to Florida. Give it part sun to part shade, and it’ll grow to about 12′, which makes it a well behaved vine. The yellow trumpet shaped flowers repeat bloom throughout the year. It’s considered a long-lived evergreen perennial in zones 10-11. In zones 9, plant it in a warm area of your garden. In zone 8, plant in a warm microclimate and cover or take inside on cold nights.  It’s hardy down to 25-30 degrees, below that either give it freeze protection or expect it to die back to its roots. After getting established it is considered drought tolerant except if in full all day sun. For those on the coast, it has a moderate salt tolerance, meaning don’t plant it right on the beach. If you’re more inland from the coast it’ll be fine in your garden.

Can be used on a trellis, arbor, fence, etc., can grow through evergreen shrubs to give color to the greenery, or as a ground cover.

It’s the larval host of the polka dot wasp moth, Syntomeida epilais, which is the caterpillar that eats Oleander leaves. So if you love your Oleander hedge, you might not want to plant this vine.

This is a beautiful native vine that needs to be planted more widely.

Zones 8 and 9 (with protection), and 10-11



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