Jacaranda Tree




Botanical Name:  Jacaranda mimosifolia

Common Name:  Jacaranda tree

The Jacaranda tree is known as one of the most beautiful tropical flowering trees in existence. In early spring it blooms gorgeous purple/lavender blooms at the same time new leaves emerge. As the flowers drop, they form a gorgeous carpet of purple on the ground. The leaves themselves are very dainty and fernlike, which gives the tree a very delicate look and feel even though it grows 25 to 40′ tall and wide.

Grow this deciduous, fast growing beauty in a sunny area. It can take some shade, but does not like deep shade. Plant it about 20′ away from the house to keep the branches from going over your roofline … unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for.

Younger trees need winter protection if it gets below freezing. I had one of these in my garden in Volusia county, and its first winter in my garden it dropped to upper 20s for a couple of nights. I wrapped the trunk and covered the branches. It survived with no damage. It was only about 5′ tall, so it was easy to protect. As they mature they’ll need less protection to about 25 degrees. Temps below that will cause branch die off. But even if it’s killed back to the roots, it usually comes back in the spring from the roots. It’ll grow in zones 9b-11 with no problem, 9a in a sheltered location with winter protection, zone 8 would probably be best to grow it in a sheltered location as a large shrub.

You need this gorgeous tree in your garden!

Specs:  3-gallon size:  2-4′ tall; 7-gallon size: 4-6′ tall; 15-gallon size: 6-7′ tall; 25-gallon size: 7-9′ tall. Be please aware these specs are only averages. Sometimes the plants will be smaller and sometimes larger. I’ll let you know if the plant you want is significantly smaller than what is listed here.

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