Flame Thrower Palm




Botanical Name:  Chambeyronia macrocarpa

Common Name: Flame Thrower Palm

How cool looking is this palm with its bright red frond! It looks like it should be too tender for the central Florida area, but it’s rated for up to zone 9a. Pretty darn neat.

It’s a slow grower, with its single trunk eventually reaching 10-20′ tall and the crown spreading about 15-20′ wide. It blooms purple flowers that turn into green to red berries. Younger trees will need some protection if it gets below 30 degrees, but established trees can handle temps down to 20 degrees. Part sun is what it likes best but it can adapt to partial shade.

Can also be used as a houseplant.

Specs:  3-gallon plants are approximately 2 to 2-1/2′ tall in the ground.

Zones 9a to 11


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