Chaste Tree




Botanical Name:  Vitex agnus-castus

Common Name:  Chaste Tree

The Chaste Tree is a good lavender-flowering substitute in areas where it’s too cold for the Jacaranda tree. Grow Chaste in a sun to part shade area and it’ll quickly mature to 10-15′ tall x 15-20′ wide. They’re usually grown as a multi-trunk tree, but they can also be left unpruned as a shrub or pruned as a single trunk tree. To me, their beauty really shines when grown as a multi-trunk tree. The fragrant flowers are a gorgeous lavender color and they rebloom late spring through fall, AND they are a nectar source for bees, butterflies, hummers, and all the other nectar loving critters. This is a deciduous tree, but in mild winters from Orlando to south Florida it usually doesn’t drop all of its leaves.

Once the Chaste is well established in your garden, it’s considered a drought tolerant tree. That’s one reason why it’s on the Florida Friendly Plant list. For coastal peeps, it has moderate salt air tolerance.

Zones 7B – 11


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