Bottle Palm




Botanical Name:  Hyophorbe lagenicaulis

Common Name:  Bottle Palm

Take a look at the pics, then let me know if you think this palm deserves the common name of “bottle palm.” lol I truly think it does!

This is a really neat, slow growing, short palm. Very, very mature ones get about 15′ tall, but you’ll normally see them around 10′ tall with a leaf spread of 6-8′.  They like sun to part shade, but not deep shade.  The solitary trunk is really cool with its grayish color bulging shape on the bottom and the smooth green color at the crownshaft area. When it gets older the bulge does have a tendency to become less obvious, but that’s way down the road for these slow growers. This has 4-8 upward arching leaves that grow at the top of the palm. It produces white flowers and fruit that changes from green to black.

The downside of the Bottle Palm is its cold tenderness. It’s ok down to about 30 degrees, but below that it loses leaves, of which it doesn’t have many to begin with, then the trunk dies. So it’ll do well in zones 10-11. Y’all in zones 8 and 9 will need to do winter protection on these. Which when they’re small will be no problem … just wrap the trunk and leaves well. If you get one of our horrible upper teen nights, tent it and add a light inside the tent to give it warmth.  Or grow it in a large container and wheel that baby into the garage on the cold nights. One other option is to grow the Spindle Palm, Hyopchorbe verschafeltii, which looks a lot like the Bottle Palm but is more cold tolerant. Click here to be taken to the Spindle Palm’s page.

This can be grown indoors. Just be sure to remove the flowers/berries so they don’t make a mess.

Bottle Palms are usually sold as single specimens. Sometimes I can find them as doubles or triples. Let me know if that’s what you’re looking for, and I’ll see if my suppliers have any.

Specs:  3-gallon size: 2-3′ tall; 7-gallon size: 3-5′ tall; 15-gallon size: 5-6′ tall; 25-gallon size: 6-8′ tall. Please be aware these heights are average. Sometimes the plants may be a bit smaller or a bit larger. I will let you know if they’re exceptionally smaller than what’s listed here.

Bottom line is these are very cool looking palms that are fairly easy to grow. Go ahead … add one to your cart cause you know you want one!

(Unless otherwise noted, pics are courtesy of Palmpedia.)


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