‘Blue Java’ Banana Tree




Botanical Name:  Musa acuminata × balbisiana ‘Blue Java’

Common Name: ‘Blue Java’ Banana, ‘Ice Cream’ Banana

There usually isn’t anything very exciting about banana trees other than the cool tropical feel they give to a garden … and their tasty bananas. But the ‘Blue Java’ banana is a bit different in that the skins of the bananas have a really nice bluish tint to them, and the banana itself is supposed to have the flavor and consistency of vanilla ice cream. Hmmmmmm. I haven’t eaten one yet, but it sounds pretty delish to me.

As with most bananas, ‘Blue Java’ needs lots of sun to fruit, and it’s a very fast grower to about 18′ tall. It’s also cold hardy down to about 20 degrees, and grows great in zones 8 through 11.


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