Licuala peltata var. ‘sumawongii’


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Botanical Name:  Licuala peltata var. ‘sumawongii’

Common Name:  None

This is another type of Ruffled Fan Palm, but the leaves/fronds get much larger: 4-7′ wide instead of 2′ wide that the Licuala grandis has. Yep, that dimension is right … 4 to 7 FEET wide. Take a gander at those pics and prepare to be amazed.

‘Sumawongii’ is solitary trunk palm that’s evergreen, slow growing to about 16′ tall, likes part sun to part shade, and is hardy down to about 32 degrees. The leaves are indented, flat, and undivided.  It loves Florida’s heat and humidity probably cause it’s native to Malaya and South Thailand.

The large leaves can be damaged in strong winds, so try to plant it in a sheltered location. Having other plants around it helps to give it a windbreak.

The Licuala elegans and Licuala peltata var. ‘sumawongii’ names are often used interchangeably. Licuala elegans is extremely difficult to find and hasn’t been seen in its natural habitat since the 1850s. So if you’re looking for elegans, ‘sumawongii’ is probably what you’re really looking for.

This is a very unusual and hard to find palm. It’s another one that you won’t find in everyone’s yard.

Zones 9 (with some winter protection – 11

(Palm pics courtesy of Palmpedia.)




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