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Sky-Blue Lupine

How beautiful is this native Lupine! Apparently it’s difficult to transplant and get established, so that must be why none of my native suppliers grow it. But the fact that it takes nitrogen out of the air to use is really cool.

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Sky-Blue Lupine (Lupinus diffusus) is native to Florida and is commonly found in sandy habitats because they actually prefer nutrient poor soils. Starting in mid-winter through early Spring it displays beautiful violet flowers Lupines are unique because they are able to take nitrogen from the atmosphere and bring it into the soil. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria live on the roots of sky-blue lupine and absorb nitrogen out of the air. This nitrogen then becomes available for the plant to use.”  ~Marion County Master Gardeners~


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Sky-Blue Lupine photo courtesy of Marion County Master Gardeners

Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni, Gibbs, and Ziva


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