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Kim’s New Garden

Finished up my latest design/install project in the Venetian Bay neighborhood of New Smyrna Beach today. Thought you’d like to see the before/after pics of it.
My client wanted to start with small plants, so I used 3- and 1-gallon sizes. She asked for a clean, low maintenance garden, so I decided to go with ‘Silver Sword’ Azalea (a really cool azalea with variegated leaves and hot pink flowers that age to red), ‘Cassa Blue’ Dianella, bush daisies, and Coontie palms. It’s a very simple design, with areas left open for her to plant seasonal color.
I trimmed up the Pygmy Date Palm that was eating the house. lol She wanted to use rock for mulch, so that’s 4 ton of rock in that bed. I need a massage, for sure!
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Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni, Gibbs, and Ziva


1 thought on “Kim’s New Garden

  1. What a beautiful garden! You are amazing Jeanni…even if you are sore. 😉

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