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Good afternoon, my fellow flower freaks! Are y’all as happy as I am that the cooler temps are gone for the next few days? I am so not a cold weather person.

Today is a work at home day, so the pups and I are hanging out in the backyard enjoying the sunshine. Gibbs and Ziva are chasing lizards, and I’m working on a garden design for Jessica, putting together a list of hummingbird and butterfly attracting plants for Lori, and finalizing next week’s delivery schedule of plants ordered through R&G’s online Neighborhood Garden Boutique. A big shout out of thanks and appreciation to all my wonderful clients! 🐞💐🌸🌹

How did your garden survive the cold snaps? Let’s not trim that dead, frost bitten stuff back yet for a few reasons: it protects the plant if we get more cold, and pruning causes plants to put out new growth, which is the last thing we want until we’re past our last frost date. Which, for Orlando, is February 15th, but we all know that’s not written in stone. Yeah, I know our gardens don’t look the best right now, but it is winter. I’m just happy our gardens aren’t buried in snow!

My young Sweet Almond Bush is still cranking out the blooms. Her leaves look a bit ragged, but that’s normal this time of year for her. What’s still blooming in your garden?

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Sweet Almond Bush

Hit me up if you have questions about the cold weather and your plants. I’ll be happy to help!

Jeanni, Gibbs, and Ziva

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