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Plant Wish List

Hello my fellow flower freaks!

Time to get all excited:  I’m adding new plants to R&G’s Neighborhood Garden Boutique tomorrow! Camellia sinensis (the leaves are used to make tea!), Tea Olive, Camellia japonicas and sasanquas, Swamp Jasmine, Carolina Jasmine, more native plants, ‘Maid of Orleans’ Sambac Jasmine, pineapple guava, angelwing begonias, brugmansia, Fringe Tree, gerbera daisies, herbs, veggies, Jatropha, Ponytail Palms, and Australian Tree Ferns are just a few on the list to be added.

So tell me … Do you have anything in particular you want me to start selling? Maybe a plant you’ve had on your wish list for awhile but can’t seem to find anywhere? Or annuals/perennials you know you want to add to your garden? Or maybe a particular type of organic fertilizer you like to use? Just let me know, and I’ll see if I can find it for you!

Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni, Gibbs, and Ziva

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2 thoughts on “Plant Wish List

  1. I tried the fringe tree in my garden the first or second year Iived in this house…could never find another one after that. 🙁 I loved it, really colorful!

    1. They’re such pretty trees! They’re hardy up to zone 3b, so it should have grown for you.

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