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Hurricane Irma

Well, it looks like Florida might be in Irma’s path. Which means we could get anywhere from just some wind and rain to Cat 4 or 5 wind and rain and storm surge and flooding. Thankfully hurricanes don’t move too fast which gives us plenty of time to prepare. Get your hurricane supplies together, I did that yesterday, then make sure your outside area is as hurricane proof as it can be.

Hurricane proofing our yards/gardens is pretty simple: anything that can fly away needs to be put away. Chairs, tables, charcoal grills, yard art, light strings, lightweight bird baths, bird feeders, small container plants, lightweight border edging, etc., should be stored in the garage, shed, or house. Never ever store propane tanks in the house. Those should be secured outside.

As for our plants, there’s not a lot that can be done to protect them. I do a heavy pruning on any large roses. This keeps the long canes from whipping in the wind and minimizes damage of the plant. Prune back any large shrubs that are directly in front of windows to reduce the chance of branches breaking the glass. Any tree limbs/branches overhanging your house or ones that are dead or damaged should be cut off.

If you need pruning done, call me at 386-310-9969. Call, text, or email,, if you have questions on how to hurricane proof your garden. I’ll also be available for clean-up after the storm passes.

Be safe everyone.

Jeanni, Gibbs, and Ziva

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