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Whimsical yard art

​When adding yard art to the garden, think outside the box to show off your personal whimsy. I was going to get the usual Shepherd’s hook for this cute little picket fence bird feeder, then remembered I’d pruned trees in the garden boutique area and had a perfect large branch that might work. And it did! Of course it won’t last forever, but it was free, saved me from having to cut it up, and it looks adorable. 

Bird feeder with tree branch

My next project is taking my greatnephew’s old pull wagon and making it into a container garden with a birdbath. 

Bird feeder with tree branch

So take a look around your house to see what you have that can have a second life as yard art. It’s fun! 

Btw, did you see the mockingbird sitting on the brush pile and on top of the bird feeder post? He grabbed himself a tasty grasshopper a few minutes after I took the pics. 

Happy digging in the dirt  …

              Jeanni , Gibbs , and Ziva 

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