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Rainy Days

Hey there, my flower freaks. Is it as wet and dreary at your place as it is here in New Orleans? That very slow moving storm system coming from the west brought the rain here yesterday afternoon and it’s still drizzly rainy today. Can’t do any gardening in this weather, so Gibbs and I have a free day to hang out at the house and just relax.

One thing we can do for our houseplants on days this like is to move them outside so they get fresh rainwater to drink and their leaves get all the dust and stuff cleaned off of them.

2016-03-11 14.13.08
Houseplants enjoying a rainy day

Of course I don’t want to lose those beautiful orchid blooms so I definitely wouldn’t put them outside during a torrential downpour, but a drizzly light rain like is happening now is perfect. Your houseplants will love, love, love you for letting them soak up all that good rainwater.

My balcony is a very sunny spot, so I’ll have to remember to bring them inside if the cloud coverage starts to go away. Don’t want those shade-loving leaves to get sunburned!

Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni and Gibbs

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