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Antoine Rivoire

Cheers to a beautiful Sunday.


This beautiful rose is Antoine Rivoire. He’s a large flowering Hybrid Tea bred in 1895. His repeating blooms are light pink with a strong fragrance. He’s a smaller shrub, growing about 4′ x 4′.

Happy digging in the dirt  …

Jeanni and Gibbs

2 thoughts on “Antoine Rivoire

  1. Jeanni , does this rose resist black spot ? I wonder since it is an antique rose !

    1. Hi, Salli. Antoine did pretty good in my garden of neglect. lol He’d get some black spot but was able to shake it off and keep looking good. When I sprayed on a somewhat regular basis, he looked awesome.

      For an antique rose that actually doesn’t like to be sprayed, try Souvenir de la Malmaison. She does great with absolutely no spraying.

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