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Monarch Butterfly. Do you have enough milkweed in your garden for the Monarchs to munch on? Tropical milkweed is the easiest to grow, but native milkweed is definitely worth trying to grow.


Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni and Gibbs

3 thoughts on “Monarch

  1. Jeanni, where do we get Native milkweed ? I have lots of the tropical type ! BTW, how is my sweet little Gibbs , I think of the two of you often ! Lots of love to you both !

    1. Hi, Salli! Gibbs is wonderful, as always. lol Full Moon Natives in Port Orange should sell native milkweed. Also check with Beverly at Debary nursery, she might sell some. Lots of love to you too!

      1. Hi , thank you for the tip , I’ll check it out . Give my boy a big hug and tell him I love him and miss him (you too )

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