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New This Week …

… at the Garden Boutique :

“Toryu-Shibori” Ornamental Pomegranate. Is that bloom gorgeous or what! This is a medium sized deciduous tree that blooms heavy in the spring. It grows upright for the first couple of years, then it starts growing an arching habit. Full to part sun. Fast growing. Low maintenance. $29.99/3-gallon

"Toryu-Shibori" Ornamental Pomegranate
“Toryu-Shibori” Ornamental Pomegranate

Globba schombutgkii “Dancing Girl Ginger “.  Very cool yellow flowers bloom late spring to frost. Deciduous perennial for your shade / part shade garden. Great for containers or in the ground. Grows about 2′ tall and wide. $9.99/1-gallon.  

Globba Schomburgkii "Dancing Girl Ginger"
Globba Schomburgkii “Dancing Girl Ginger”

Jacobina carnea pink. Cool plant for the shade/ part shade. Grows 3-7′ tall and wide. Blooms spring to frost. Hummingbirds love this plant. $5.99/1- gallon.

Jacobinia carnea Pink
Jacobinia carnea Pink

Gaura “Siskiyou Pink”. Great plant for that hot dry area of your garden. Grows about 2′ tall and wide, likes full to part sun, and doesn’t like to be over watered or over fertilized. Blooms pretty pink and white blooms spring to frost. Attracts butterflies. $4.99/1-gallon.

Gaura "Siskiyou Pink"
Gaura “Siskiyou Pink”

“Silky Red” Milkweed. One of the best plants for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Grows 2- 3′ tall and wide. Blooms spring to frost. Reseeds itself.  It’s a nectar and host plant, which doesn’t happen very often. $4.99/1-gallon.

"Silky Red" Milkweed
“Silky Red” Milkweed

“Wendy’s Wish ” Salvia. Another great hummingbird and butterfly attractor. Grows 3-4′ tall and wide. Blooms spring to frost. Perennial. Deer resistant. Sun to part sun. $4.99/1-gallon.

"Wendy's Wish" Salvia
“Wendy’s Wish” Salvia

Vinca Cora pink. Great tender perennial for sun to part sun. About 1-1/2′ tall and wide. Great for containers or garden beds. $1.50/4″ container.

Cora Vinca
Cora Vinca

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