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These are custom containers I made for a client. Container 1 has Euphorbia, bush daisy, and garlic chives. Container 2 has Gomphrena “Fireworks,” white Mexican Heather, and marjoram. The urn has white Salvia and red Baby Sunrose.




So you might be thinking “hmm, why are there empty spaces in the containers? Shouldn’t they be chocked full of plants with no empty spaces?” The reason they aren’t chocked full is I use the same space design guideline when container planting as I do when designing garden beds: Design for the mature size of the plant.

The plants will grow quickly and all the empty spaces will be gone soon. But the container won’t be overloaded with plants that have to fight for nutrients and root space and water.

I’ll get my client to send me pics of the containers in a few weeks and I’ll post them so we can see how the plants are filling in.

Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni and Gibbs