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New Plants Coming In…

Here’s a teaser for what’s on tap for this week’s deliveries: blue hibiscus, Lisianthus, Pyracantha, scented geraniums, cestrum newellii, ornamental pomegranates, Angelwing begonias, malabar spinach, Gomphrena Fireworks, ghost peppers, chocolate habernaros, peach porterweed, corkystem passionvine, “Betty Marshall” brugmansia, “Black Prince” echeveria, eucalyptus trees, bay trees, variegated pineapple mint, pineapple sage, Lady Banks Roses in yellow and white, “Golden Delicious” salvia, and white salvia.

Quantities will be limited so get them while you can.

I’ll post pics when they get delivered.

Jeanni and Gibbs

1 thought on “New Plants Coming In…

  1. Very cool. Really want the eucalyptus tree!

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