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Got more cool plants in today:

– “Miami Beauty” Anthirium, gorgeous very dark almost burgundy flowers

"Miami Beauty" Anthirium

“Miami Beauty” Anthirium

"Miami Beauty" Anthirium

“Miami Beauty” Anthirium

– “Black Mystic” Cryptanthus. Very cool black/grey/white patterened foliage.

"Black Mystic" Cryptanthus

“Black Mystic” Cryptanthus

– “Pink Starlight” Cryptanthus. How pretty is that foliage!

"Pink Starlight" Cryptanthus

“Pink Starlight” Cryptanthus

– “Fireball” Bromeliad. Dark pink/red and green on this foliage.

"Fireball" Bromeliad

“Fireball” Bromeliad

– ZZ Plant. Very cool, very old plant that’s great in the garden or as an inside plant.

ZZ Plants

ZZ Plants

Happy digging in the dirt…

Jeanni and Gibbs