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Winter Roses

Even with the cold weather this past week, I have some roses still blooming in my garden.

Bow Bells is an English Rose bred by David Austin in 1991. She is about 4’x4′, has a nice fragrance, and blooms off and on throughout the year.

Mutabilis is an excellent example of an Old Garden Rose. He’s a China rose, bred before 1894, and is also an Earth-Kind Rose. Earth-Kind roses are roses that require less maintenance, i.e., spraying, fertilizing, water, etc., than other roses. What’s cool about Mutabilis is his blooms change color as they age. A bush in full bloom can have yellows, pinks, and coral roses all at once. He’s also different because his blooms are single, 4-8 petals, instead of the very full blooms that we’re use to. Mutabilis is great for a hedge or a specimen plant. Mine is about 6’x6′ and is only a couple of years old.

Both of these are own-root roses and have survived the past 1-1/2 years with almost total neglect. These, and many more own-root Old Garden and English Roses, are what I’ll have for sale this Spring.

Happy digging in the dirt…

Jeanni and Gibbs

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