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The Cold is Coming!

The weather people are saying we’re getting a hard freeze tomorrow night (Monday night to Tuesday morning). Kinda difficult to fathom that happening since it’s 80 degrees out there right now. But there are a few things you can do to help protect your garden from freeze damage:

– Water it well tomorrow morning. A dry plant suffers from cold temps much worse than a well-hydrated plant. The plants need a few hours to uptake the water so don’t wait till 7:00 tomorrow night to water.

– If you can’t take the tender plants inside (house, shed, garage), then cover them tomorrow afternoon. Use frost cloths, cardboard boxes, sheets, blankets, mulch, etc., as cover. Don’t use plastic as that transfers cold to the plant. Take the covering off the plants if it warms up Tuesday day.

– It’s supposed to be windy, which is actually a good thing because the wind keeps ice from forming on the plants.

Call or email me if you questions on how to cover your plants.

And, please, bring your outside pets inside. If it’s too cold for you to spend the night outside, then it’s also too cold for them.

Keep warm!

Jeanni and Gibbs

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