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Poinsettia Comparison

So I did a little comparison shopping on R&G’s poinsettia prices versus Lowes’ poinsettia prices. Here’s what I found:

– 1 pint:  R&G $3.99, Lowes $4.98
– Lowes 2 quart $4.98, R&G 3 quart $6.50
– Lowes 1-1/2 gallon $14.98, R&G 2 gallon $15.50
– Tree Poinsettia: R&G $22.50, Lowes $29.98


The only reason Lowes is cheaper on a couple of items is their container/plant sizes are smaller than mine.

So buy your poinsettias from R&G and save yourself a trip to the big box stores!

Happy digging in the dirt…

Jeanni and Gibbs

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