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I Didn’t Promise You A Rose Garden

Remember that country song from way back when? I sure do. Yes…I’m showing my age now.

Even though I didn’t promise you a rose garden I can sure make it easier for you to start growing one cause all of my roses, except the Drift roses, are 30% off. So come get one or two or three for your garden.


They are on sale till they’re all gone cause I’ve decided to stock more of the unusual Old Garden roses and David Austin roses on own-root. I need to sell all the old stock before I can get the new, cool ones in, so please come take them off my hands!


I have a nice selection to choose from in colors from red to pinks to pale lavender to bi-colors. Regular price is $19.99, sale price is $13.99.

Happy digging in the dirt…

Jeanni and Gibbs

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