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The winner of Lake Helen’s “Prettiest Garden” Contest for Spring 2013 is…

Cathy Tallacksen!

Gibbs had the honor of giving Cathy the R&G gift certificate she won.
Gibbs had the honor of giving Cathy the R&G gift certificate she won.

Cathy has a gorgeous garden that I’ve been admiring ever since I moved to Lake Helen.  Gibbs and I always make sure we walk past her garden on a regular basis each Spring to gawk at her beautiful mature azaleas and wisteria.  Can you blame us???  Just look at how stunning that is.

Azaleas and Wisteria
Azaleas and Wisteria

I actually took the above pic about two years ago…way before I started this contest.  She’s cleared the middle of the shrubs out so now the pathway continues through to the house.  So pretty.

Her garden is rather large and set off of the road, so I never even saw the rest of it till the day Gibbs and I presented the award to her.  I felt like a kid in a candy store just ooohing and aaahing over all her garden beds and yard art.  One of the cool things about her garden is she has so many stories that go along with the plants and the yard art.  As we strolled around she’d tell me how a friend gave her a cutting of this plant or how she was with another dear friend at the farmers market when she bought that piece of yard art.  I loved hearing about those gardening adventures.

Cathy says she inherited her passion for gardening from her Dad and Grandmother.  I heard lots of stories that day about both of them.  She’s even made a garden bed dedicated to her Dad.  How neat, and so very sweet, is that.  Oh, and in that garden bed she has tools that her Dad and Granddad used back in the day.  Awesome.

"Dad's Garden"
“Dad’s Garden”

I like Cathy’s garden because of its playfulness and uniqueness.  The beds are so chock full of plants and yard art that it takes a few moments to fully absorb everything that’s in them.  It is definitely eclectic, and charming, and beautiful.  I’d say a perfect reflection of Cathy herself.

Me and Gibbs and Cathy
Me and Gibbs and Cathy

Be sure to go by Cathy’s home, 260 Clough, and take a look at that beautiful garden she’s created.  If she’s out in the yard I’m sure she’d love to tell you all about it.



Gibbs and I are now on the hunt for the “Prettiest Garden” Summer Quarter winner to be announced in July.  Be sure to let me know if you want to nominate anyone for that honor.

Happy digging in the dirt…

Jeanni and Gibbs


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