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Easter Lilies in Your Garden

Hi there.  How are you doing on this gorgeous Spring day??  Life at R&G is very good for me and Mr. Gibbs…we got great rain these past few days, the warm weather is finally here to stay, and the butterflies and hummingbirds are back.  Ahhhh, life is very good.

Hey, you know those beautiful Easter lilies everyone got last week?  Did you know they grow just fine and dandy in our gardens?  Yep, don’t throw those pretty things away, plant them in your garden instead.  They need a sunny, well-drained place to live.  They are bulbs, so plant them at about the same level in the ground as they are in the pot (in other words, don’t plant them too deep).  Mix some compost with the native soil in the hole, plop the bulb in there, add mulch, give them a drink of water, and that’s about it.  Keep in mind the one thing they don’t like is to be in standing water or in soil that is constantly wet.

When all the foliage turns brown you can whack it back.  Don’t do any whacking before it turns brown though because as the foliage dies back it’s feeding the bulb so it can bloom again next year.  Next Spring it’ll send up new growth and blooms.

Here are a couple of Easter lily tidbits for you:

–  See those yellow things inside the bloom in the pic below?  Those are stamens and have pollen in them.  If you cut off the stamens, the bloom will last longer.  Be careful though because the pollen will stain your clothes.

Yellow Stamens

–  Easter lilies are toxic to cats so don’t let your fur baby kitty munch on them.

Happy digging in the dirt…

Jeanni and Gibbs

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