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Happy first day of Spring!  Are you ready to start working in that garden again? I sure am.

Got some cool new nursery stock to tell you about.  First up is Farfugium japonicum “Crispata.”  It’s a gorgeous, very hardy plant for your shady areas.  Not only are the leaves really cool with those ruffled edges, it also blooms yellow flowers in the fall.

Farfugium japonicum "Crispata"

Farfugium japonicum “Crispata”

Then we have the awesome scented Geraniums.  I love these guys!  If you’ve never smelled scented Geraniums before, be sure to stop by to do a little rub and sniff on their leaves.  I have “Old Fashioned Rose” and “Chocolate Mint” in stock.  More varieties are coming soon.

Scented Geranium "Chocolate Mint"

Scented Geranium “Chocolate Mint”

Scented Geranium "Old Fashioned Rose"

Scented Geranium “Old Fashioned Rose”

You can tell from their names what they smell like.  But wait…there’s more!  No only do they smell good, but they also flower.  “Old Fashioned Rose” has pale pink fragrant blossoms and “Chocolate Mint” has rosy-mauve blossoms.  Pretty darn cool.

Have you ever heard of a vine called “Orchid Vine” aka “Butterfly Vine”?  It’s not a real common vine, but, man, is it gorgeous.  I have one growing in my personal garden and I love it.  It got those common names because the flowers look somewhat like orchid flowers and the seed pods look somewhat like butterflies.

Orchid Vine

Orchid Vine

Here’s a kinda different plant:  Verbena bonariensis “Lollipop.”  It gets tall and airy…along the lines of a “see through” middle of the border plant.  Small lavender flowers bloom on the ends of the tall stems.  Hence the name “lollipop.”

Verbena bonariensis "Lollipop"

Verbena bonariensis “Lollipop”

Verbena bonariensis "Lollipop" bloom

Verbena bonariensis “Lollipop” bloom

Last, but not least, are some hardy fruit trees.

“Sunmist” nectarine is blooming and beautiful…

Sunmist" Nectarine Bloom

Sunmist” Nectarine Bloom

And the Dwarf Pomegranates are blooming and beautiful also…

Dwarf Pomegranate

Dwarf Pomegranate

The nectarine and pomegranate are varieties that are bred to withstand our hot and humid summers.  Both also produce edible fruits.  yum, yum.

More new plants are coming in weekly, so be sure to come by and check everything out.

Happy digging in the dirt!

Jeanni and Gibbs