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Torenia fournieri

Looking for a shade plant to take the place of impatiens? Well, do I have one for you! I luv, luv, luv this little plant. It’s Torenia fournieri, aka Wishbone Plant or just plain old Torenia. It loves the heat and humidity of our summers. Plant in part shade to shade (not full sun). It’s great in the ground, in containers, or in hanging baskets, growing about 10″ to 12″ tall and wide with a mounded habit.  Besides the blue and pink, I also have them in lavender, white, and burgundy.

Wondering why it’s called “Wishbone Plant”? Well, inside its corolla tube, it has two wishbone shaped stamens that are joined at their tips until the flower is ready for pollination, at which time the stamens pull apart. Cool huh.  Look at the close-up pic of the dark blue Torenia and you’ll see the stamens.

Aren’t they just beautiful little plants!


Happy digging in the dirt…

Jeanni and Gibbs

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