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Lake Helen’s “Prettiest Garden” Contest

So what do you think of when you hear the words “prettiest garden”? Is it a porch with matching hanging baskets and comfy chairs that’s just perfect for sitting for awhile with drink in hand? Maybe a perfectly landscaped and maintained garden with nothing out of place? Or what about an informal and touchable cottage garden with butterflies and bees flitting about? Or how about a small container garden filled to the brim with veges and herbs?

Well, to me all of the above can be considered a pretty garden. And we have so many beautiful, unique, perfect, cute, and, yes, pretty gardens in Lake Helen that I thought we should do something to show off those gardens. So I’m starting a quarterly “Prettiest Garden” contest. Winners will be announced for their prettiest Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter gardens on the following dates:

  • Spring, Saturday, April 6
  • Summer, Saturday, July 6
  • Fall, Saturday, October 5
  • Winter, Saturday, January 4, 2014

What will I be looking for? Well, all of the above garden types, plus many more. Does it need to be a perfect garden? Absolutely not. I’m more interested in creativity, good use of the right plants in the right place, structure, whimsy, color, use of natives, and just plain old pretty, than perfection. In other words…anything goes.

I do need your help, though. Lake Helen is small enough that I can look for pretty gardens while Gibbs and I are out for our walks and I can drive around looking for them, but that only works for ones I can see from the street. So if you know of a secret pretty garden, brag on that thing! Call me, 386-218-6932, email me,, or stop by Roses and Gargoyles and tell me about it in person.

Now for the good part…what each winner gets for all his or her hard work:

  • A $20 Roses and Gargoyles gift card
  • A “Prettiest Garden” yard sign
  • Recognition at that quarter’s Commission Meeting, in The City Observer, and on Roses and Gargoyles’ website and Facebook page
  • And, best of all, good old bragging rights

So… Does your garden have what it takes to be our Prettiest Garden??

Happy digging in the dirt!

Jeanni and Gibbs

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