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It’s a warm and rainy Saturday here at the Garden Center.  When Gibbs and I did our morning walkabout I noticed the bees and butterflies were as happy as they could be as they flitted and buzzed from flower to flower sipping nectar and spreading pollen.  How pretty they are!

The Butterfly Bush keeps cranking out the gorgeous yellow blooms, and the butterflies always flock to its blooms.  I need to plant a few of these in my garden this year.

Is it raining in your area?  If so, why not put your houseplants outside and let the rain wash the dust off their leaves.  They’d also enjoy a good drink of rainwater versus the usual tap water.  It’s supposed to drop to the upper 30s tonight though, so be sure to bring them back inside.

Happy digging in the dirt!

Jeanni and Gibbs