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Fall Color

Why is it when we think of Fall color we think of pansies, and snapdragons, and mums, and all those other cool season annuals?  The other day a customer asked me for suggestions for plants that are flowering this time of the year, and those plants were the first ones that popped out of my mouth.  But when Gibbs and I did our nursery walkabout this morning I really took a look around to see what’s blooming.  And I was pretty surprised.  Now I’m not talking about plants just delivered from my suppliers…I’m talking about plants I’ve had here for awhile.  I think we get somewhat used to certain plants being reliable bloomers that we forget how good they are at blooming.    Well, guess what?  I found 34 plants that were still blooming their little hearts out and looking gorgeous. Here are glamour shots of those 34 plants that I’ll make sure to add to my “Fall color” list.

In my personal garden these guys are still blooming:  Night Blooming Jasmine, Tropical Hibiscus, Dipladena, Homestead Purple Verbena, Bleeding Heart Vine, Sweet Almond Bush, and Banana Shrub.

What do you have blooming in your garden that we can include in this list?

Happy digging in the dirt!

Jeanni and Gibbs


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