Howdy.  How’s it going on this beautiful day?  Life here at R&G is wonderful.  The butterflies are flitting about, the flowers are blooming, Gibbs is napping…the only thing missing is your smiling face.

If you pop in this week make sure you take a look at this week’s Plant of the Week:  Abutilon x hybridum “Variegata,” aka Flowering Maple, Variegated Parlor Maple, and Chinese Lantern Plant.

Look how pretty she is with those green leaves edged in cream.  And those flowers!  oh my…

Flowering Maple

Flowering Maple likes full to part sun.  It gets about 4′ x 4′.  It’s a semi-evergreen shrub that blooms heavy in Spring and Fall with intermittent blooms in Summer.

Butterflies and hummingbirds love this plant for its nectar.

Flowering Maple

Flowering Maple

Happy digging in the dirt!

Jeanni and Gibbs