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Letting the Good Bugs Win

Hi all.  As I was doing my daily walkabout through the outside nursery area yesterday I saw this on my tomato plants:

Tomato Hornworm 09-13

Yep, it’s the infamous Tomato Hornworm.  Yuck.  No wonder my little tomato plants had so few leaves!  Good for him it was the end of a long day and I was tired, so I  decided to deal with him tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow came and I took a stroll to the tomato plants and to my delight this is what I found:

Parasitic Wasps on Tomato Hornworm 09-14

Yeah, it’s kinda gross, but, hey, it’s nature.  The white things are the larva of an awesome parasitic wasp called Braconid Wasp.  BW is a tiny beneficial bug that is a natural predator of the tomato hornworm.  What BW does is it lays its eggs inside the hornworm, then the larva eat their way out, killing the hornworm.  Just leave the hornworm on the plant and let the BWs do their thing and as they hatch and fly away you’ll have plenty of BWs to keep your tomato patch free of the dreaded tomato hornworm.

Isn’t nature grand???

Happy digging in the dirt!

Jeanni and Gibbs

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