Roses and Gargoyles

Welcome to Roses and Gargoyles Gardenscapes. We offer the following services for your home and business in the central Florida area from Orlando to the beaches:

– Gardenscape Walkabout. We come to your home or business, we do a walkabout of your property and talk about anything plant related that you want to discuss. This is perfect for those wanting to do the work themselves, but need ideas or have questions as to what would work best in the garden. Gardenscape Walkabouts are $75.

– Consultations. Need a quote for gardenscaping, installation, garden maintenance, or container gardening? We go to your home or business, we do a walkabout to discuss your needs, then get a quote to you within ten business days. Consultations are free.

– Garden Maintenance. We specialize in garden maintenance the natural way by working with the plants to maintain their natural beauty. No more plants sheared into meatballs or squares.

Custom Created Container Gardens

– Hanging baskets, window boxes, and decorative containers are all perfect for adding color, fragrance, and beauty to your courtyard, balcony, pool, patio, porch, and indoor areas. Provide your own container or I can provide one for you. Fee is dependent upon individual situation.


R&G specializes in native and Florida friendly plants, old garden roses, hummingbird and butterfly attracting plants, and unique / unusual plants.

Want to read previous R&G articles?  Look on the right hand side of the page, scroll down, and click on the titles under “Recent Articles.”  There’s  interesting information in those articles!

R&G is here to bring beauty to your life through your garden and to keep our Planet Earth healthy through use of organic products and sound gardening practices.

I look forward to seeing you.  Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni, Gibbs, and Ziva

14 thoughts on “Roses and Gargoyles”

  1. “leopard plant” cold hardy down to twenty for the foliage, zero degrees for the roots. love you garden shop! mark

  2. Jeanni, drift roses seem to be the plants of choice for the model homes here at Victoria gardens. Would they be a good addition to our garden?

    • Hi, Mosey. Drift roses are along the lines of the Knock Out Roses in that they’re a lower maintenance shrub rose. Personally I think the Drifts are prettier than the Knock Outs. So to answer your question, yes, Drifts would be a good addition to your garden. Just make sure they’re planted in an area that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. And if possible, let the Drifts grow into their natural shrubby shape instead of having them sheared into squares. I’ll be getting more of the Drifts in stock soon, so let me know if you need me to get a certain color.

  3. i would like to get five or so more leopard plants, the spotted ones if you can get them. what a great plant, 27 in the garden and perfect! let me know…..will be visiting often if you keep getting this selection of “hard to find plants!” i think after this next weekend “spring has sprung!”………..mark

    • Hi, Mark. I have one supplier that has three different varieties of the leopard plant. That supplier’s nursery is located out of town, but I’ll going up that way in about two or three weeks. Will pick some up while I’m there. Will let you know when they’re in.

      I think spring is almost here too! So happy for that.

    • Mark, I have Farfugium japonicum “Crispata” in stock now. It has the coolest ruffled edges. I saved five for you. My vendor was out of the spotted ones, but I’ll get some when they’re available.

  4. wil be by…thx

  5. Sarah ( Salli ) Rodriguez said:

    Jeanni, are you in Starke now ? Haven’t been in town in quite some time so I have no idea . Let me know please if you moved and where exactly you’re located (Visual aide if possible ) I hope you and Gibbs are well , we might get to see you soon . Thanks a bunch , Salli (from Lake Helen)

    • Hi, Salli! Good to hear from you. I do live in Starke, but I don’t have a store there. Right now I’m just doing a farmers market in Gainesville on Saturday mornings and garden design projects.

      I don’t have any Louie Phillip roses at the moment.

      You doing ok?

    • Forgot to say that Gibbs and I are both doing fine.

  6. Richard Fumosa said:

    Hi, I have “monster” segas in my front yard and I’d like to find someone to cut them back; they have become multiples and are beyond my talent and knowledge of gardening. I don’t want my neighbor to cut them without my permission like she did when I was away!
    Please help. The cottage is on Congress and Burgundy in Bywater.

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